5 Cleansing Mistakes You should Stay Away From

Cleansing is an easy task right? After a long day at work, once you are back at home, splash some water on your face, use some cleanser and you are done for the day. Well, not exactly. Facial cleansing is an important step for you overall skin health and to keep that face bright and…

Touch of Spice- Creamy Matte by Maybelline

Back with a product review, and this time what have we got?A lipstick- by Maybelline. Well, to put that correctly, a very beautiful shade in an affordable range launched by Maybelline.I will be honest here. I picked this one up after hearing so many beauty bloggers and people raving about it being a universal shade….

What Happens When You Sleep With Your Makeup On

Lets face it. Many of us have been there and done that. Sleeping with makeup on is a thing that we can raise our hands to. Even though not frequently, once in a while we have all been held guilty. Although you may not have faced any serious consequences for the number of times you have hit your bed without clearing out all traces of make-up, its not a wise thing to do.