The Recipe for Happiness

What is the recipe for happiness? First, let us findout if any such recipe exists. If yes, where can we find it. What are the ingredients? Happiness, the word itself brings a smile on your face, or reminds you of any such memory which made you happy. Strange, isn’t it? How the mind works? Now…

Touch of Spice- Creamy Matte by Maybelline

Back with a product review, and this time what have we got?A lipstick- by Maybelline. Well, to put that correctly, a very beautiful shade in an affordable range launched by Maybelline.I will be honest here. I picked this one up after hearing so many beauty bloggers and people raving about it being a universal shade….

How To deal with Emotional Turmoil

Emotions constitute a great portion of our personality. It is what defines us. If not externally, but definitely on a sub-conscious level. Let’s say for example, you have a huge scene going on at home, and you burst on your junior at the workplace. He might not have a clue as to what happened. And…


The title must have you confused. Rising Up? From where? Slumber? Nah! Its more than that. Today I felt like doing a post on Rising Up!(symbolically). Rising up after a failure, or rising up after things did not go as you had planned and left you shattered. A major set-back no doubt sets us back,…

Why Self Care Is Necessary?

“Self care is something which makes you feel alive, which rejuvenates you and something you can indulge in without feeling guilty afterwards.” Read on to find out more.