Hello lovelies!!! It's been a few days since I posted my last blog. And today I am back with a product review and this time as you must have guessed from the title- it's a perfume. Perfumes are something which add to your overall persona, hence the choice must be made in such a way … Continue reading JIMMY CHOO BLOSSOM- Review


How To Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong?

It is easy to be happy, cheerful and carefree when everything is sailing smoothly in your life. Needless to say you are like that happy bird frolicking in the vast sky. But when the strings of your life are pulled too hard and you are in the face of adversity, its difficult to continue maintaining your calm demeanor and put that smile on your face. Read on how to overcome this and stay positive even in the face of Adversity.

How To Conquer The Fear Of Failure?

The concept or meaning of failure varies from each one's point of view or their life in general. I have heard of many top Management graduates who give up their high paying careers to start a small business, where the profit is not even 50% of what they were earning previously. Many people give up their high-paying jobs to become a travel blogger. So, can we consider that as a failure in their lives? Read on to find out more.

5 Steps To Rise & Shine Above Your Anxiety

Are you an anxious person? Do you always feel nervous and panicky thinking of a particular situation? Or worse still, does your mind go into a whirlwind of imaginary scenarios and your heart starts fluttering? Anxiety is an emotion every human being experiences at some point of their lives. Students panic before their exams most … Continue reading 5 Steps To Rise & Shine Above Your Anxiety

Matheran- The Little Scotland of India

A traveler enthusiast always gets excited at the mention of a new place- the thought of an unseen land gives a sense of adrenaline rush in the otherwise monotonous routine.What comes as an added bonus is the fact that the destination is not only a few miles away, but also it can be explored in … Continue reading Matheran- The Little Scotland of India

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza REVIEW- Gave Wings To MY Feathers

Today I am doing a review on one of the products that I have been wanting to try for quite some time. I have a love for Kajals, Eye liners and gel liners(You get the feeling, right?) This time I went ahead and purchased the L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H Profound Black. Read on more to find out more about what is great about this product and what is not so great!